I've Created created a channel on Freenode server for Mindanao Open Source Society ##moss channel this is the 1st IRC channel. URL: http://www.moss.orgz.ph email: info@moss.orgz.ph
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Today im using my new setup of Operating system of course a dual boot (Windows Xp and Kubuntu) so far it is running good.. On Windows i am running Free and open source software like the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Open Office. I also install the Mozilla Thunderbird.. I tweak my xp on the regedit. START>RUN>REGEDIT>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>CONTROL PANEL > DESKTOP> MenuShowDelay = 0
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Yesterday I receive the confirmation about the ASIA SOURCE II its a conference to be help on Jakarta Indonesia on January 2007. The organizer reply me with this email

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected on the second list of participants. However, I sincerely regret to inform that you were not short listed to 1st list of participants.

Our invitation to you to participate is dependent on any vacancies arising out of reasons that a candidate from your region selected for the first list confirms to us that they will not be participating.

Hope i will be selected, until now im still waiting for the approval .. :)

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Another problem of Smart wifi is blocking the DNS some site are not accessible because of what are they doing.. the Mindanao Open Source Society is again block by the Smart Wifi.. Now i cannot do anything, i cannot modify the site or even update it... I really hate this smart wifi..
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Christmas is fast approaching, not to mention 3 more days to go. Today is the christmas party of Infante Hospital Management Corp. after having a headache searching for the present to give in this party.. perhaps this would be my last entering the exchange gift (hard to look for the present to give).. can't wait what will i receive this exchange gift.. :)
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Ubuntu X-Mas Edition year 2006.

Free download at click here
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Last night I was been called by the I.T. Adviser because I will be the participants of ICT QUIZ CONTEST for the incoming PRISAA this coming January 2007 to be held on Claret College of Isabela. For now I dont have the mechanics, hope it is easy as FOSS or doing on webpage.
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Another international event from IOSN this coming January 2007, the ASIAN SOURCE II to be held at Yawitra Resort, Sukabumi near Jakarta City, Indonesia between the 22nd and 30th of January 2007. Its another application ive send and waiting for the confirmation on December 22,2006.

Event Background:
Asia Source II is a followup to Asia Source I organised in January 2005. Asia Source I was an eight day technology camp for 60 participants from the voluntary sector and 60 information technologists from 20 countries from South Asia and South East Asia in partnership organised by Tactical Technology Collective, Mahiti and the International Open Source Network. This event was supported by Hivos, Open Society Institute and APDIP-UNDP. This page covers the Aims of Asia Source II; FOSS in South Asia and South East Asia; and FOSS and the NGO sector. There are also links to useful resources from Asia Source I.
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Heres a new free domain ive found.. Jucato give it to me to for redirecting the page.. Uni.cc Network a free domain name that will help making your web sites more accessible using short and easy-to-remember Internet addresses.

My Domain ive Created.
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The Mindanao Open Source Software (MOSS) site is build in PLONE. Hosted by my friend Khairil Yusof from IOSN Malaysia .

Mindanao Open Source Network
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Its been long again writing articles on my blogs.. hehehe but any way yesterday is my cousin wedding day Dec. 3, 2006. Their Venue on Farm Land.

Picture Taking with my cousins and the newly wed...

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