Just now ive just done doing my documentaion for chapter 4 and chapter 5. Ive also create the user manual. Now i have to prepared for the defense hehehe schedule nxt month. Hope i can make it and hopefully this is my last year in school. ;)
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Yesterday ive been invited as one of their trainor for Basic Macromedia Flash. This is my 4th time being invited.

This are some picture taken from the Seminar.. They are all graduating students from Claret College of Isabela.

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Just finish doing my Flash Templates for this comming seminar on Basic Flash Animation in Claret College of Isabela schedule on January 28,2007. This is my 6th times conducting this seminar on the I.T. Students of Claret College of Isabela.

These are some screenshots of the templates...

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The PRISAA started yesterday January 19,2007 with a Parade and opening of the program by welcoming the participant from different private schools on Region IX.

A lots of new things has been change in our school for the 1st time since they are the hosting school for this event.
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Searching the Ubuntu site and found out some Ubuntu buttons that can be place on your personal sites...

Some Ubuntu buttons:

- Ubuntu Banner

- Get Ubuntu

- Share Ubuntu

- Powered by Ubuntu

- Ubuntu Women
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To connect to Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter and writing some article you need to download Gobby Client.. Click here to download

Login information:
Host: ubuntu.juliux.de
Password: ufl@ftw

Note: Be carefull in creating an article theres is no undo button.. :)

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My first assignment on the UN Volunteering task as web development for the site. This is my first time to debate on a web designer. We are compose of three person on the team but when i propose to use Joomla or PLONE one from Canada a web designer are not in favor with the site proposal, because he dont know how to use joomla. Now he just quit from this assignment.
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I cannot find anything new related to Ubuntu this day so that i can write something this UWN27.. I dont even know where i can find one, hope someone will write on their blogs . :)
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Just finish writing the Ubuntu Weekly newsletter issue 26 with 3 articles.. This is my 1st time writing the article on Ubuntu especially on Marketing LOCo team. I've created 3 articles for the issue 26 namely the Ubuntu X-Mass Edition 2006, Interview Behind Ubuntu-ph People and Yo Mamma loves Ubuntu also today is the release. Next step is the UWN 27:


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 26
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Another year of Preparation just reported to work and a lot of work to be done (SSS, Pag-ibig etc.) also the personal ledger . All alone in the office, Remind me again for the preparation for the "Basic Flash Animation" Seminar for this Month also the PRISAA and the Thesis deadline is fast approaching.. A lot of works to be done with this 1st month.
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