Life being an Part Time I.T. Instructor at Claret College of Isabela is a great temporary work. I got one subject but 3 sections, In one sections compose of 45 students. but anyway this is my only temporary job while im still searching for new one.

For now, im planning to attend the FOSS event to be held on Davao, somewhere in September hopefully i can attend it..
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Today would be my first time on my job/work as a part time I.T. instructor at Claret College of Isabela. I just got a call yesterday about my teaching subjects. I will be holding IT 103 - Basic Animation, just one subject but 3 sections. I'll be using the Flash animation for this class.

The school is suggesting me to do a prototype of website for the school, well later this site i will do a FOSS school site for the first time, and ill be using Joomla of course.
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While editing the Media Wiki use for the test, trying to figure out how to remove the edit tabs for guest user. heres a simple trick.

Edit> localsetting.php on the root folder of media wiki. And by putting this simple code

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;

Then your done. Upload it again to the same location.
Sample code below:

# When you make changes to this configuration file, this will make
# sure that cached pages are cleared.
$configdate = gmdate( 'YmdHis', @filemtime( __FILE__ ) );
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;
$wgCacheEpoch = max( $wgCacheEpoch, $configdate );
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Heres a simple step how to modify or customize your navigation bar on Media Wiki page, but you have to login and have an administrator access to do this. Just type on the search "MediaWiki:Sidebar" Now you can edit it and modify the navigation you want.


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Heres an easy visitor counter on Joomla. Under Module click statistic then under the parameter set the following:

Server Info : No
Site Info: No
Hit Counter: Yes
Increase counter: 1
Module Class Suffix:

Save the settings and publish your joomla site.
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This is my last day on work at Infante Hospital Management Corp. Nothing to do but look for another job on the net. I've been invited to attend the meeting of FOSS Mi! event online tomorrow, since that would be my first jobless day ill be using the cafe to attend the meeting.. Hehehe

While im waiting for the confirmation of my part-time job at Claret College as instructor. I'm already searching jobs on Zamboanga just to earn and find a better job. But anyway ill be a freelance Consultant and FOSS advocates for now.. :)
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FOSS Even't will be happening this year in Mindanao will be the "FOSS Mi!" which celebrates the value of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Content (OC). Software developers and content authors around the world recognize the benefit of Free licenses such as the General Public License and Creative Commons license. Thanks to the Free Society, the internet have transformed into an effective information and entertainment media. FOSS Mi! 2007 brings FOSS and OC to the Mindanaoans, expanding talents and innovators in this brave new ecology.

The event will be held on NCCC Davao Mall, Davao City, Philippines. September 17-29,2007.
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2 years working at the hospital as their computer operator i'll be leaving this company effective on June 15, 2007. It's time to follow up my application on Claret College of Isabela just for one year and shift again to another. Well effective 16 i'll be unemployed maybe i should take a rest first and fine a new job that fit my qualification.
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Free joomla Templates

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Browsing the site i've browse some news article on Zamboanga Today and i've found this article about our city " Basilan capitol employees stopped from working?" Lucky for me im not a goverment employee. One thing i notice here in our place during elections there's a lot of Vote buying and some area or municipalities has been terrorized their vote.
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The Claret College of Isabela City the enrollment is on-going last June 4 till now... I've been to school yesterday to follow up two things 1. The Transcript 2. My Application. Due to the enrollment i cannot request my Transcript of Records (TOR) so im schedule to go back by Friday again (hopefully by that time the enrollment is finish). My Application i've apply for a part time I.T. Intructor recommended by the I.T. Adviser, during my visit to school i've noticed they hired new people for the position of Computer Technician but im surprise when they give him a teaching load even without a Degree. Shocking? yes it's right they hired people to teach even the person is not a degree holder, that's a new change for my Alma matter.
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The Mindanao Open Source Society site got error due the incident the database has been removed. Now the site is back using the Joomla Content Management System to give information about FOSS news, Events and more.., also we are planning to organized FOSS event this comming September in connection with the Software Freedom Day.

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