Call for Sponsors: FOSS@CLASS Introductory to GNU/linux and FOSS Application

The Mindanao Open Source Society together with the COMTECH Institute Inc. and the D’Comtechian an organization of COMTECH composing for student will host FOSS@CLASS in connection to the SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY 2008 celebration. This will be an occasion that will promote GNU/Linux and Free Open Source Software and orient BasileƱos the power of FOSS also the 1st time I.T. event happening in Isabela.

Through this affair, we hope of strengthening the unity of all the universities, colleges, institutions and schools in Basilan that offer Information Technology courses. We have all been exposed with a lot of proprietary software and it is high time for us to be oriented about the power and efficiency that Free Open Source Software can offer. We would like to offer this unique opportunity for you/your business to best reach out to your preferred clientele and customer-base through a focused delivery of your product/service by marketing the same in this special event.

If your company or organization is interested in contributing to the success of this event, you can email the event organizer at rjian[at]moss[dot]orgz[dot]ph and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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