Firefox 7 is already out now since Wednesday September 27, 2011.

What’s New In Mozilla Firefox 7 “Changelog”
Drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases
Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
The ‘http://’ URL prefix is now hidden by default
Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
Added support for the Web Timing specification
Enhanced support for MathML
The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
Fixed several stability issues
Fixed several security issues
Download Mozilla Firefox 7
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Aris is a Senior Software Engineer in one of the largest outsourcing Companies here in the Philippines, he's co-founder and CTO of slumnote, a web social curation tools. He promote and organize free software ideas at LibrePlanet Philippines Group and on his blog at In his free time, he plays around with Trisquel GNU/Linux OS and new Free Software and Open Source Technologies. Watch im on Software Freedom Day Philippines 2011 as he will talk about Comparing Free And Proprietary Software.
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Gladys Regalado works on special ops with Computer Professionals' Union (CPU). She is the coordinator of the Junior Computer Professionals' Union and CPU's special projects. She is studying in the University of the Philippines under the BS Applied Physics Program.
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One of our  partners/supporters in Software Freedom Day Philippines 2011 is the Codeflux Inc. CODEFLUX, INC. is a Filipino company established by seasoned software development practitioners advocating the Agile methodology. Our team is composed of competent software architects and engineers, project managers, business analysts, and other knowledge workers who strive for excellence in their field of expertise.

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Social reformist and dynamic leader

Bayan Muna party-list congressman Teddy Casiño is a genuine social reformist and one of the most dynamic young leaders in the country today. He was first swept into the politics of change when, as a high school student in La Salle Green Hills, he volunteered for the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) and took part in the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution. The experience changed him so that since then, his life has been characterized by a conscious choice for the road less travelled.
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He is one of the founders of Wikimedia Philippines, a recognized chapter of Wikimedia Foundation, and one of the members of the initial Board of Trustees. He was elected Vice President of the organization on May 2010 and then elected President on July 2011.

Since September 2004, Jojit has been contributing to Wikipedia, one of the online projects of Wikimedia. He is active in both English and Tagalog editions of Wikipedia. In the Wikimedia movement, he actively promotes its goals in schools and conferences in the Philippines specifically giving presentations about Wikimedia projects and free culture in general.

Jojit was born in Pasig, Philippines, and finished Bachelor in Computer Data Processing Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is a Systems Analyst/Web Developer by profession and Education Ministry Head of the Flock of the Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Pasig City, Philippines, where he regularly gives inspiring speeches. he will be talking about free culture on this upcoming SFD Philippines 2011.
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