Speaker SFD Spotlight: Joseph "Jojit" Ballesteros

He is one of the founders of Wikimedia Philippines, a recognized chapter of Wikimedia Foundation, and one of the members of the initial Board of Trustees. He was elected Vice President of the organization on May 2010 and then elected President on July 2011.

Since September 2004, Jojit has been contributing to Wikipedia, one of the online projects of Wikimedia. He is active in both English and Tagalog editions of Wikipedia. In the Wikimedia movement, he actively promotes its goals in schools and conferences in the Philippines specifically giving presentations about Wikimedia projects and free culture in general.

Jojit was born in Pasig, Philippines, and finished Bachelor in Computer Data Processing Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is a Systems Analyst/Web Developer by profession and Education Ministry Head of the Flock of the Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Pasig City, Philippines, where he regularly gives inspiring speeches. he will be talking about free culture on this upcoming SFD Philippines 2011.


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