Busy Month...

It's been a hard time organizing the team of volunteer to maintain the site, Student of this institution is lucking some courage to volunteer and they quickly give up in some things. Now here i go again searching for some responsible student to volunteer with this task. But anyway nothing interested today blogs, im also busy preparing for my second semester subjects and a lots of preparing to be done again aside from volunteering. But for now im trying to concentrate on the team to fix/organizing it and put it on the work within this month.

Finals, is fast approaching so i had to prepared for my second semester teaching load. I got 5 sections and 3 subjects on I.T. Department to teach this second semester with in the field of E-commerce (HTML), Multimedia Design (Flash Animation), and Internet Service Management. Two of my subject im getting hard time finding reference. Another added subject on the Commerce Department, they inform me that i'll be teaching Intergrated Accounting. That's a lot of work to done this second semester. This month of October is a very busy month.