Quantum & I.T. Convention - Successful!

Just arrived in Isabela City last Monday after attending the 3 days and 2 nights Quantum & I.T. Convention held at Country Village hotel, Carmen at Cagayan de Oro City hosted by Xavier University. Many of the participants attend the convention from different places in Mindanao.

The Convention Session:
Session 1: Paradigm Shift: Linux by Romar Mayer Micabalo “hardwyrd”
- Session Introduce Linux.. Nice convincing Sir Romar in using Open Source Software (linux) hehehe.

Session 2: Open Source by Yolynne Medina
- This session is more Open Source Software and about IOSN - International Open Source Network. (Distribute some Ubuntu ballpen)

Session 3: Trends of Web Technology by Matt Arnilo Baluyos
- Session Introduce about the Web technology

Session 4: Java Management Extension by Jan Michael Ibanez
- Session introduce about Management Extension on Java

Session 5: Google Application by Aileen Apolo
-This session is a nice one, introducing Google Application.

Session 6: Careers in Software Development by Calen Martin D. Legaspi
- Session introduce about career on I.T.

Nice to see that open source software in fast spreading in Mindanao... Slides can be download at http://qitc.xu.edu.ph/


shane said…
Very interesting topics.

Wish I was there to listen to the talks.