Shopping Cart for Plone

Browsing the site of plone, Here's a cool module that i found for those who is building a e-commerce site using the Plone CMS.
SimplecartItem - The module allowed you to integrated with online stores such as using paypal.


Optimista AnĂ³nimo said…

A modern approach for ecommerce in Plone is getPaid. It has a great momentum right now. In fact you can watch the talk in last PloneConf here

Kind Regards
RJ Ian S. Sevilla said…
Hello rover,

thanks for the sharing.. I've stop using PLONE since 2006 and now i think i have to study it for some projects... :)
Monroe Shopping Cart Soft. said…
A method for ordering an item using a client system. Displaying information identifying the item and displaying an indication of a single action that is to be performed to order the identified item; and in response to only the indicated single action being performed, sending to a server system a request to order the identified item. Whereby the item is ordered independently of a shopping cart model and the order is fulfilled to complete a purchase of the item. Now it is restricted to items "purchasable through a shopping cart model".
Wynne said…
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