Joining CP-Union member

Now I'm a member of the Computer Professional Union and the preparatory committee is inviting every members including me to join on a simple get-together activity at Balai Kalinaw Dining Room in UP Diliman from 12NN-6PM, on August 31, 2008. Unfortunately i could not attend to this meeting because considering my location, but i suggest to put an online irc session during the meet-up so that others can participate.

They are expecting to achieve the following during the meet-up:

0. Brief introduction of every member – we are interested to know why you joined CP-Union. A sentence or two will be enough.

1. formally introduce the Computer Professionals' Union - a deeper look on the ICT situation in the country and our role as computer professionals in helping the majority of the poor in their struggle for improved conditions (30mins)

2. Present 2007 highlights in our advocacy works and projects (15mins)

3. Current National Situation - a brief on the economic and political climate in the country. This will be relevant in defining appropriate projects for CP-Union. (30mins)

4. Present our existing involvements and gather commitments from members - we already have some activities lined-up. Software Freedom Tour and Software Freedom Day are just the two projects rolling. Visit our website for details on these activities. (15mins)

5. Comments/Suggestions on our current projects - we have the project people's web, digital resources bureau, foss trainings and application/database development as main projects. The descriptions of these projects are also included on the link above. We would greatly appreciate if you participate in improving the ideas behind these projects. Please prepare a few suggestions during the meeting. If you have other projects in mind, please share them with the CP-Union. (30mins)

6. Our Tasks – because we all have day jobs, we have asked you to select your preferred time for volunteer work. We hope we live up to that commitment. Any small time we can contribute will always make bigger tasks a bit smaller. (30mins)

7. Our Regular Meet-up and Trainings and Coordination. A monthly meet-up will be established. Internal Trainings to share experiences and skills will also be lined up. We hope that members will be eager to be teachers and at the same time students on various technical or other topics. Please prepare suggestion on how to efficiently communicate online and through other channels so that we are always updated on CP-Union positions, activities and involvements.

7. End. Get acquainted with every member.