While opening my blogs a bump on this site of Jerome Locson and Read his article about his contest that he will give a 1 year domain just by writing a simple blogs "Why should i be an ultimate winner?" Actually i just want to get a free domain and hosting that's all. Now im done posting i will also post a comment to Jerome Blogs.

The Ultimate Winner Details below:
The Ultimate Winner will have:

* 1 Year Domain Name Registration; winner can choose his/her own top-level domain name (.com, .org, .net).. just let me know what domain name you prefer and I will give it to you…
* With your new domain name, you will also get 1 year hosting package with the following specs: 100MB web space, 1GB bandwidth, MySQL/PHP supported and many more…
* Also, I will help you setup your domain name with hosting so that you can go live and use your prizes.

Other minor prizes:

* 1 winner of 1 Year Domain Name (remember that there is no hosting with it)
* 1 winner of 1500 EntreCard Credits.


To join the contest, you must do the following:

1. You need to write a blog post, in your blog of course, why you should be the ULTIMATE winner of this contest.
2. After which, you need to submit a comment in this post with the following format:

I’m the Ultimate Winner! [http://www.jeromelocson.com/complete blog posts link/]
3. All validated entries will be notified via blog comment in your blog post entry.
4. The contest is open to all from August 8, 2008 (888) until September 8, 2008 (7PM). This is a month long contest.
5. Winners will be announced by September 15, 2008 (7PM). And be notified by blog post comment in your entry post.


Jerome Locson said…

Congrats! Your entry has been validated. Thank you for joining.

Jerome L.
Thanks :)