FOSS@CLASS Preparation

After the Intramural held in Zamboanga City, Im back in Isabela City to prepare the SFD event this coming September 27, 2008. but there's a problem with the event domain name because the domain is already expired, Sorry for that. but for those who is still want to register on the event you can visit this URL for registration.

As for now i've recieved the sponsorhip package came from different place/organization, the Netbeans from Czech Republic they send me 150 Netbeans Cd's and 25 pcs of Netbeans Shirt, The Ubuntu from Netherland I've already recived 4 Ubuntu Shirt and 90pcs Ubuntu Cd's, 6 SFD Shirts , 20 pcs inflatable balloons, and a 8 pcs of SFD pin came from Beijing.

For those who will celebrate the SFD this coming September 20, 2008. Good Luck to all.