Its September task

Its September Month, SFD day is fast approaching and I got a lot of appointment to attend, including task to finish especially my event. Organizing the 1st biggest event here in Basilan is not that simple but hopefully it will become a successful one.

So, What my task/appointment list for this month? here's some list .

  • Sept. 3-4 - Give Long Quiz for student at COMTECH Institute.
  • Sept. 4-11 - Distribute Invitation for the FOSS@CLASS event.
  • Sept. 8-11 - Attend Intramural of COMTECH to be held on Zamboanga.
  • Sept. 14 - Meet and join the organizer of the 1st Zamboanga Peninsula Bloggers Meetup.
  • Sept. 17 - Finalized the registration for the FOSS@CLASS event.
  • Sept. 18- Finalized Sponsorhip for FOSS@CLASS event.
  • Sept. 18-20 - Give Midterm exam for my 2nd series subject
  • Sept. 25-26 - Preparation of venue and materials for FOSS@CLASS event.
  • Sept.27 - Celebrate the FOSS@CLASS in connection to Software Freedom Day.

Its a very busy September hope i can accomplish my task, along the way there will still changes on my schedules and task.