FOSS@CLASS: Introduction to FOSS and GNU/Linux

FOSS@CLASS an introductory to FOSS and GNU/Linux, is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event in connection to the Software Freedom Day 2008. Together with the Mindanao Open Source Society (MOSS) , COMTECH Institute Inc., and D' COMTECHIAN as the organizer of the event. At least Eighty (80) students, enthusiasts, advocates and Instructors from the different schools and offices in Basilan attended the event.

FOSS@CLASS started at 8:00AM last September 27, 2008. The Morning session open by Ms. Erniebeth Tutaan (OIC of COMTECH Isabela) followed by Timhar Haruddain (Event Secretariat),Mr. Jamju Rivera(President Alano Company), Dr. Francisco Sarmiento III (Project Manager for Southeast Asean+3 IOSN) and Mr. Rick Bahague Jr. (CPU-Union) gave a live stream using SKYPE talking about their FOSS insights . Ms. Yolynne Medina (Online Networking Staff IOSN) give a talk about Introduction to FOSS and Ubuntu.

On the Afternoon Session, Mr. Jericho Rivera(HR Alano Hospital) gave a talk on Introduction to codeignieter and FOSS in Health, Ms. Grace Sojor(COMTECH Institute) gave a talk about Introduction to Java using Netbeans, and Mr. Rj Ian S. Sevilla (IT Instructor-COMTECH Institute) gave a talk Introduction to Content Management System (CMS) focusing on Joomla.

We thank all participants, sponsors/supporter, organizers, and Volunteers making this event a successful one.

Sponsors/Supporter of the event:

Ubuntu Linux - 8.04 CDs, Stickers, pamphlet and Ubuntu t-shirts
Netbeans - Netbeans CD's and netbeans T-shirts. - Media Promotion
Software Freedom International - baloons, CD's(open education and open CD), and t-shirts.
Jerome Locson - for the CD's and Tarpaulin