Changing Logo on Media Wiki

I'm on research some admin task on media wiki for FOSS Toolkit for SMEs, im also trying to find how the modify the logo on the default installation and i've found this tutorial.

The $wgLogo variable specifies which graphical logo is displayed in the top left corner of all mediawiki pages.

Add the following two lines to LocalSettings.php (below the "require" statements):

$wgStylePath   = "/wiki/skins/"; 
$wgLogo = "{$wgStylePath}/common/images/wiki.png";

This replaces the default logo in the /wiki/skins/common/images/ directory.

Another option is to direct the $wgStylePath variable to the Upload Directory to be able to exchange the logo by updating uploaded files.

$wgStylePath is usually YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER/wiki/skins.

  • Note that in the example given, the $wgLogo points to /wiki/skins/common/images/wiki.png with the first part being defined by $wgStylePath. Make sure you have both correct, or $wgLogo will not point to where you think it's pointing.
Hope this will work.