Projects till March

2009 this is a very busy month for me, because i have 2 projects to accomplished by March 2009. Actually i will only staying  here Isabela City till March because ill be moving already either in Cebu or Davao City. 

Aside from teaching here is some of my 2 projects that i have to accomplish by March:

1. Organizing FOSS@SCHOOL Mindanao Targeting Basilan

- As a Mindanao Coordinator of Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) i will be organizing the 1st FOSS@SCHOOL in Basilan that would orient Students and some Educators about Free and Open Source Software. The event will be held at Claret College of Isabela and there will be an invited speaker who is expertise in FOSS. Event is posted on the website 

2. Website for KFI Center for Community Development Foundation, Inc.

- I am also task to do website for KFI one of the NGO in Zambaonga. Off-course ill be using Content Management System - JOOMLA to do their site. Ill will post later my design on this blog.