Final Call: Asia Source 3, Silang, Cavite, Philippines, November 6-12, 2009

MABUHAY! (Long live!) and get ready for Asia Source 3!

If you are a FOSS advocate, an enthusiast or end-user, a developer or even a newbie who strongly believes in building capacities and empowering humanity with the use of Free/Open Source Software, we look forward to welcome you to Asia Source 3 to connect, cooperate, and collaborate – the FOSS way.

The International Open Source Network (IOSN) ASEAN+3 with support from InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany, and Open Society Institute Information Program and co-organized by Tactical Technology Collective and Aspiration bring ASIA SOURCE 3 to the Philippines on 7 to 12 November 2009.

The third event of the Asia source camp series, two of which have been held so far – in Bangalore, India in 2005 and Sukabumi, Indonesia in 2007 – the 6-day learn-and-share event will be held at the lush greens and quiet cool environs of the YEN CENTER – home to the Headquarters and Regional Center for Asia of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) – located in Silang, a landlocked municipality south of Metro Manila, within the historic Province of Cavite.

In the tradition of previous camps, Asia Source 3 will bring in participants from the Asia, who share common goals of pursuing the Free/Open Source Software advocacy and its promotion and use among non-profit organizations, small-to-medium enterprises and youth networks.

Asia Source 3 allows applicants to choose one among four (4) FOSS-themed track sessions:

Track ONE: Managing Your Information

- As technology continues to pervade human activity, digital information will accumulate at a phenomenal rate. As megabytes turn to terabytes and into petabytes, managing content will become a challenge. This track aims to focus on different approaches to organizing information using free and/or open source software.

Track TWO: Migrating to FOSS

- Free and/or open source software are easy to install and fun to use! But how do you get your colleagues, friends, and organization to experience the same? Track two participants will share best practice and lessons learned in initiating and maintaining a FOSS culture within their organizations.

Track THREE: Broadcasting Your Information

- Now that you have all your files neatly organized and under control, you need to share these to the world and let others benefit from your own resources. FOSS content management systems, knowledge management tools, social networks, and mobile technologies make sharing easy and affordable. If you want to maximize your reach on the Net, this track is for you.

Track FOUR: Joining the FOSS Community / Using FOSS Tools

- FOSS is all about community. AS3 aims to bring seasoned FOSS developers into the camp and allow cross-pollination of ideas and techniques. Case studies will be shared from at least three projects. The track will focus on tools, organization and strategies for community building. The track will provide participants with an actual in depth working of successful FOSS projects, that may allow them to participate or setup their own.

DATES: This is a six-day long workshop, to be held in Silang, Philippines from the 7th to the 12th of November 2009. If you would like to participate, you will need to attend the entire event, which means arriving in Manila on or before the 6th and leaving on or after the 13th of November 2009.

FEES AND SUBSIDIES: Participants will arrange for and fund their own travel to Manila. Once there, transport to the venue from the airport in Manila will be provided. A participation fee will be required to cover meals and accommodation during the meeting. However, subsidies are available for qualified participants. In case you are unable to cover your travel or participation costs, please indicate in the application form below.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This is an event for experienced professionals and individuals actively working with marginalised communities and small-to-medium enterprises in Asia, with experience in information and communications technology (ICT). Camp participants will be advocates, technologists, software developers, designers and strategists who have used OR PLAN TO USE free and/or open source software (FOSS) in their line of work. They need not be experts but need to have a proven aptitude in the use of technology tools and have basic computing skills.

We are interested in a range of skills and expertise, be it in advocacy, software development, design and technology. We are particularly interested in applications from a wide range of individuals coming from non-government organizations working with marginalised sectors to small-to-medium enterprises involved in the use of ICT.


  1. To be eligible to attend, you will need to send a completed application form by the 11th of September 2009 by noon GMT.
  2. All participants at the Asia Source 3 Camp are required to be proficient users of computers, and to be familiar with free and/or open source software.
  3. All participants must be available from 6th till the 13th of November 2009.

Applications from women and those within and working with the youth sector are highly encouraged.



悉怛多缽怛囉阿們 窮盡相關消去無關 證據時效


十習因 鬼道 畜生道 人道
貪習(貪物) 物怪(依草附木)   梟類(土梟) 頑類(愚呆)
媱習(貪色) 風魃(旱魃不雨)   咎徵(烏鴉...凶兆) 異類(妖怪)
誑習(貪惑) 畜昧(狐獸精靈)   狐類(狐狸......) 庸類(卑鄙)
瞋習(貪恨) 蠱毒(毒虫惡蟲)   毒類(虺蛇......) 狠類(剛暴)
怨習(貪憶) 疫癘(散行瘟疫)   蛔類(蟯蛔) 微類(賤僕)
慢習(貪傲) 氣餓(飢虛之鬼)   食類(虎狼......) 柔類(懦弱)
枉習(貪罔) 憂魘(厭人心胸)   服類(衣服二類) 勞類(勞苦)
見習(貪明) 魍魎(山精之鬼)   應類(燕鴻......) 文類(小才)
詐習(貪成) 役使(咒術役鬼) 休徵(鳳麟吉類) 明類(小聰)
訟習(貪黨) 傳送(遞傳吉凶)   循類(鴿犬......) 達類(小知世故)