Volunteers needed for PC4Peace Project

PC4Peace is a Non-Profit Organization founded in November 2003 (Kyoto, Japan) with the express interest of helping to bridge the global south dilemma by reusing decommissioned technologies (mainly computers that can be used in schools) to find a new life in needy schools in our project countries.

Over the years, the PC4Peace has been successfully donated more than 1000 unit to Cambodia partnership with UNESCO. Currently, the PC4Peace is planning to conduct the project here in Philippines specifically from Mindanao partnership with Western Mindanao State University as the HUB project.

Currently we are looking for Volunteers for Philippines PC4Peace Project and be able to help schools in donating PC.

  • (2) Web Designer - specifically who can create joomla templates and experience in implementing plugins.

  • (3) Graphics Artist - who will create our marketing materials (Presentation, brochures )

Project will start on November. Interested to help our project please use my contact form to contact me directly.


Charlie Mina said…

I receive the information from filipino-joomla-community, that PC4Peace is looking for Graphic Artist volunteers.

I'm good in graphic design and concepts
I used Adobe Photoshop, Neat Ninja for photo and graphic enhancement, Adobe Flash and Adobe dreamweaver.

I'm also good in Computer repair and Troubleshooting
LAN and Wireless networking...

I'm hardworking, and can handle pressure.
Can work with peers.

Please see my qualification if suits your need.

Thanks and God bless.

Charlie Mina
BSIT Graduate, MSU Gensan
25 yrs. old

Gensan, Philippines
Zone 3 Blk. 10, Brgy. Fatima GSC
rjian said…
thanks for the response.. ill email you next month. thanks...

Charlie Mina said…
Ok Sir, I'll wait.