Removing Dual Boot on Windows 7

If you’re running dual booth on your system like window 7 dual boot with linux you can simply remove it without affecting your windows drive. Before we start you will only need your windows 7 setup installer disk to fix the startup boot after removing the linux partition. Here’s a few step removing the Linux partition.
1. Log-in on to your windows 7 system.
2. Go to Start> Control Panel. Search for Computer Management
3. Under computer Management go to Storage >Disk Management
4. Now all partition of your hard drive will display.
5. You will notice a 3 partition, 2 unrecognized volumes that’s your Linux Partition and 1 is your windows partition.
6. You can right click the linux partition and delete volume.
7. Then you can format it to create a blank partition to be able to use it.

Now your linux boot partition is gone, but you’re having problem booting it to windows. The next step is to fix your windows startup boot using your window 7 setup installer. All you have to do is to fix your boot system using the recovery windows under command line. Type the following command line:

Bootrec /fixmbr

Now, restart your system and remove your installer. Now you can boot your window7 normally.