How to: install Windows (any version from XP to Win7) from a USB/flash drive

Figuring how to create a portable installer of Windows using your flash drive? I just want to share this tool that i am using to reinstall windows on my netbook since it has no external CD ROM drive.


WinToFlash is an application which allows you to transfer Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 install from a CD/DVD to a [bootable] USB/flash drive. Although officially the developer does not state WinToFlash supports .ISOs, you can simply mount your .ISO and trick WinToFlash into thinking it is a legit CD/DVD and create your bootable USB that way.

To create a bootable USB Windows install, simply follow the "Windows setup transfer Wizard"..

After you have created your bootable USB with a Windows install on it, with either A Bootable USB or WinToFlash, simply plug your USB into your computer and restart your computer. You should be able to boot from from the USB and install Windows now. If you are unable to boot from it, you will have to go into your computer BIOS to change the boot order/settings to allow boot from USB.

You may download WinToFlash using this links: