seven (7) years of Firefox

Yesterday, the Mozilla Community celebrates the 7th birthday of the Firefox. As the only independent browser with a mission to make the Web better, For the last seven years of Firefox have pushed the Web forward:

  • The latest release of Firefox 8 is more than 32 times faster than Firefox 1.0 equip with twitter search on bar and by default they disable the add-ons installed by third party for faster browsing .

  • They recently shifted to a new release cycle to deliver features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster.

  • Leading edge HTML5 support in Firefox ensures that developers can create beautiful and exciting Web experiences for users.

  • Favorite features like tabbed browsing, built-in phishing and malware protection, the Awesome Bar, Do Not Track and our gallery of thousands of  Firefox add-ons give millions of users around the world more choice and control over their Web browsing experience.

Mozilla has once again adopted firefox (a.k.a red panda) cubs and for the next few months, you can watch these baby firefoxes play, live and grow via a 24 hour live video stream at Firefox Live.