FOSS@SCHOOL a success

The FOSS@SCHOOL event which was held at Claret College of Isabela last February 20, 2009, which was organized by Information Technology Department and MICOMS, a school based organization of Computer Science and Information students of Claret College of Isabela  in coordination with the Computer Professionals Union (CPU). The event attended by 128 participants from two schools namely Claret College of Isabela (CCI) and Furigay College Inc. (FCI). 

The event focuses on advancing information and communications technology for the people through the use of free and open source Software (FOSS) and orients them about FOSS. 

 There were 3 invited speakers who is an advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Mr. Gener Luis R. Morada the country representative of Global hosted operating system ( talks about Virtual Computing and Online presence , Ms. Yolyne Medina the Networking Specialist for International Open Source Network ASEAN+3 (IOSN)  talks about Introduction to Free and Open Source Software and Introduction to Linux, and Mr. Rj Ian S. Sevilla the Coordinator of Computer Professional Union- Mindanao (CPU) talks about Content Management System. 

Note: Pictures will be upload later.